Biological and foster family: the view of children brought up in foster families – research findings

01. 06. 2014 / Zuzana Vávrová / Category: Conference Contributions / Views 3,705x

II. International Conference titled: „The Child amonf two families“. 29th of April 2014, Karviná, The Czech Republic.

This contribution is part of extensive research project called Biological and foster family: a view of adults brought up outside their own families. The main aim of the presented part of the research was to identify what the adults being brought up in foster families think about the meaning of their biological parents and foster family in their lives. The research sample includes 50 people (37 women and 13 men) aged 18–48, who were brought up in foster families. The main data collection method was a semi-structured interview. Research findings do not comply with the current trend of irreplaceability of biological parents. Biological parents who did not care for the children, are only of minimal or negative significance in later lives of people who grew up in foster families. In connection with the biological parents we observed mostly negative emotions. The research results support Z. Matějček´s thesis that it is the people who have parental behavior toward them that the children accept as parents.

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