Mgr. Karolína Fryštacká

PhD student

E- mail
Phone  00 585 633
Office hours  Wednesday 10:00 – 11:00
(or via email)
Office number  2.23

Academic profile

Karolína Fryštacká is a student of Clinical Psychology Graduate Program and research focuses mainly on Psychophysiology and Psychosomatics. In her thesis she dealt with psychosomatic, more accurately emotional connections and thyroid disease. Furthermore, in her master’s thesis she explored psychophysiological aspects of projective methods.

At the department of psychology she teaches Interactive Psychological Training and collaborates with teaching psychophysiology.

Now she works as a school psychologist in Elementary School in Kroměříž. She is invested in psychotherapy and psychodiagnostics, focusing on projective techniques, and also she likes working with children. She starts her training in gestalt therapy this year.

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