Mgr. Marek Malůš, Ph.D.

PhD studentMalůš Marek

Phone +420 732 283 436; +420 585 633 509
Office hours by email agreement
Office number 3.04

About Me

Marek Malůš is professionally devoted to the research of REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation) and its therapeutic potential. The main focus is directed to the Chamber REST variant, which is known rather as Dark Therapy among public in the Czech Republic.

In the pedagogical field he teaches Psychohygiene (Mental hygiene), Basics of Meditation; previously he taught Interactive Psychological Training and Relaxation Methods in Psychotherapy.

Previously he worked as a police psychologist and crisis interventionist; and as a psychologist, lecturer and consultant worker.

He attended many courses and seminars (focused primarily on body experiencing and psychosomatics), and he will finish a psychotherapy training in 2014.

According to his research field he undergone three dark therapy stays (3-day, 7-day and 14-day long).

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