Accommodation and meals

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University students can stay in one of the two Palacký University campuses, these include seven halls of residence. Acoommodation is guaranteed for students and teachers from abroad. The dormitories areas are situated either a 10-minute walk or a 15-minute tram ride from the main building of the University. There are several single-rooms available, however most students share rooms with another student.


bec8096a55Canteen (Menza)

Beverages and snacks are available at any time at the dormitories front desks, but when you get really hungry, have a meal at one of the UP canteens (Menza). The canteens serve high quality Czech and international cuisine at very low prices. There are always many options of warm meals to choose from. UP students and employees pay from 28 to 68 CZK per meal. Soups (15 CZK) and salads (11-22 CZK) are also available. The prices are subject to change.

For more information see UP Accommodation and Dining Service.

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