Meeting of traffic experts in Lund

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Meeting of traffic experts in Lund

For the first time, 193 countries agreed to and signed the “Global goals for sustainable development” (#GlobalGoals), which, as residents of the country are committed to meet by 2030. Goals are defined in 16 areas, the main objectives include that nobody on Earth will live in extreme poverty, all children will have access to safe water, basic food, medical care and education. One of the goals is also building sustainable communities and cities (goal 11), in which it is stated that the main objective in the field of transport is to ensure mobility, ie. safe, affordable and sustainable access to transport for all inhabitants of the planet, with special emphasis on increasing traffic safety, increase the share of public transport, and respecting needs of the most vulnerable, ie. children, the elderly or people with special needs.

These issues were also addressed in a meeting of traffic experts pooled in a globally acting organization ICTCT (International Cooperation on Traffic Concepts and Theories), which took place in recent days at the University of Lund, Sweden. Head of the Department of Traffic Safety at the Swedish Ministry of Transport, Mrs. Maria Krafft said in her statement that with regards to anticipated full automation of road transport by 2030 (an autonomous vehicle) is a major challenge for traffic experts to ensure the transport system without conflict, in which all participants in traffic will be equal and none of them will be killed or seriously injured in a traffic accident. This state can be achieved by suitable design of transport infrastructure which will promote safe behavior and appropriate management of vehicle speed to ensure that in areas where there are unprotected or vulnerable road users, the vehicle speed won’t exceed the maximum speed of 30 km/h.

At the end of the meeting the ceremony flag of ICTCT was handed over to Matúš Šucha, representative of the Palacký University in Olomouc, who will be the organizer of the next meeting in 2017 held in Olomouc. Palacký University will thus be put among the most important institutions from around the world with opportunity hold the ICTCT meetings in the last 30 years.

Description of the photo above:
Representative of Palacký University in Olomouc, Matúš Šucha, ICTCT takes over the flag from the President of ICTCT, Ralf Risser, and representatives of the University of Lund, Åse Svensson and Aliakseie Laureshyna.

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