Become a partner

We seek new opportunities for our students and teachers to study/teach abroad. If you want to be our partner, you need to meet our basic criteria:

  • teach psychology courses
  • teach in English (there can be reasonable exceptions)
  • be able to accomodate at least 1 our student per semester

What can we offer to your students and teachers?

  • English psychology courses
  • place for at least 1 students per semester (usually we can accomodate more that 1 student from 1 university)
  • place for at least 1 teacher per academic year
  • friendly enviroment,  great experience and much more

Want to be our partner? Please contact our coordinator.

If your are a student of a university we do not have the bilateral agreement yet, please contact your local coordnator for international affairs and show her/him this website.

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