Our department has a long tradition of quality research and has obtained a strong position in the field. The quality of our scientific research, aimed at enriching the psychological sciences, is also clearly stated in the public mission of the department. Research is conducted on many levels at our department. It starts at the basic level, with Bachelor’s and Master’s projects run by students in collaboration with teachers, as is usual at university departments. The next level involves studies of regional significance, supported by grants for both students and academics. The following stage is represented by research projects aimed at achieving an internationally recognized Ph.D. in clinical psychology and educational psychology. Our department also boasts a number of research projects that are connected to international cooperation and have a broad impact.

Our department focuses on numerous areas of research, such as general cognitive psychology, psychological exploration of the human personality and psychopathology, examining factors of treatment of mental disorders and psychotherapy, family research and partnerships, academic research environments, research about working environments, individual and group experience in work environments, and research about the role of the human factor in traffic.

Booklet about Science at Philosophical Faculty UP

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