How can I apply for an intership?

As a department we do not offer specific internship positions. If you want to come any join us for some time, you should contact the person in charge or the research area you wan to focus on. See list of our staff members.

Can I take a Czech course and than have an exam in English?

No. You can take Czech course only when you are able to procceed with the course in Czech and than take the exam in Czech.

Note for Slovak students: All Czech courses are available for Slovak students. If there is a written task given, you may write in Slovak.

Can I take some courses from another departments?

Yes, you can. If you need more ECTS credits or you are interested in other topics as well, you may take other courses from the Faculty of Arts. If neccesary you may also take one or two courses from other Faculties. See the list of all English courses here.

How will I get my Learning Agreement signed?

In order to get your Learning Agreement (LA) signed you need to upload it in the online application system erasmusplus.upol.cz. Here you can find the section “Learning Agreement”. Always upload all pages of the LA, not just the one you want the signature on. Non-complete LAs cannot be signed. Upload the document as PDF or JGP.

Can I study a Master degree in English?

Unfortunatelly we do not offer master degree studies in English. We offer few english courses only for students comming for a semester though an exchange programme (Erasmus+ etc.). If you can speak Czech, you may take the Czech entrance exams and study in Czech.

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