Doctoral studies

English doctoral study programme
in clinical and educational psychology

In 2015 the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Arts of Palacky University in Olomouc was accredited for the provision of doctoral study programmes in the fields of clinical and educational psychology with English as the language of instruction. For detailed information about the department, its research and teaching staff, and research focus and technical resources visit


The entrance procedure for the doctoral programmes is held at the Department of Psychology each May. The due date for the submission of applications ( link Application form) is usually the end of April. In addition to all the formalities that must be complied with, the following key factors for acceptance are assessed during an interview with the applicant:

    • the quality of the research project submitted by the applicant (approx. 4 to 7 A4 pages)
    • academic and publication history
    • recommendations and comments from the prospective trainers/tutors or other relevant persons


The doctoral study programme is governed by the central credit system of the faculty, which has a modular structure. The standard length of the study is three years. The key prerequisite is that a student must obtain at least 40 credits each academic year to advance to the next year (a total of 180 credits must be collected to complete the study). However, emphasis is placed on the approved dissertation research project and its successful implementation.


Doctoral study modules:

1. Research and development module

a) Field-specific and methodological subjects (clinical Psychology or education psychology, personality psychology, methodology, and statistics)

b) Publication activity (published articles and conference papers)

c) Internships or fellowships abroad

2. Field specialisation module

a) Optional subjects within the chosen field of study (qualitative data analysis, development and standardisation of questionnaire methods, project management, the writing of scholarly papers, etc.)

b) Interdisciplinary subjects (a wide choice of courses offered within the faculty)

3. Soft skills module (presentation skills, communication within a team, etc.)

4. Instructional module (teaching experience and thesis tutorship)

5. Dissertation module (dissertation seminars, defence of a dissertation thesis)

If you are interested or need more information, please contact Martin Kupka,

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