Terminated projects

  • 2013
Biological and foster family: the view of adults, who have been raised outside their own family
Circadian preference in a relationship to depressivity and sleeping disorders
Dance and motion as a part of psychotherapeutic process in the psychiatric hospitals environment
Identification of the multidimensional model of subjective time
  • 2012
Education and increasing of competencies for competitive strength of academicians and postgraduate students
Innovation and further development of combined form of studying psychology at Psychological department of FF UP in Olomouc
The working conditions of school psychologists in Olomouc and Moravian–Silesian Region
  • 2010
Drug abuse among children and adolescents from ethnic minorities with emphasis on knowledge and experience transfer from Norway – about research, development and adjustment of the selective and indicated prevention programs
The life and work of Vladimír Tardy
  • Archív
An opportunity for tertiary education and cooperation of the subjects in the sphere of prevention of socially pathological phenomena and social exclusion of children and youth in Olomouc region
The development of complex outplacement methodology in big companies as a tool that can help employees affected by restructuralization
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