Counseling, School and Educational Psychology


PhDr. Eleonora Smékalová, PhD.

Characteristic of research field

Within our area we strike to make our research, teaching and other activities useful for practice.  We focus on diagnostic and intervention areas in the school environment – our research relates to the current topics of school and educational psychology. It is for example prevention of risky behavior, personality of the gifted students, personality features and self concept od school age children, the postponement of schooling phenomenon or benefits of assistant teachers for children with special educational needs. At the same time we are examining the personal characteristics and attitudes of teachers and school psychologists.

Research teams

Diagnosis of risks and protective factors and prevention of risk behavior in adolescents
Personality characteristics of children in school age, self-evaluation of school achievement and other parameters of elementary and secondary school students aged 9-18
Personal characteristics of school psychologists and their position in the school
Sense of self in gifted children
Teachers - their personal characteristics and attitudes towards others
The cooperation of teaching assistants for children with behavioral disorder
The phenomenon of postponed school enrolment for immature children
The Second Step Program - effectiveness research in the Czech Republic
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