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Initiating the interdisciplinary potential of psychology – innovation within internships at UP

Start date: 10. 4. 2013

End date: 30. 6. 2015

Registration number: CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0143

Project leader: PhDr. Martin Dolejš, Ph.D.

About the project:

The project aims to upgrade the training of students of Palacky University in psychology and related human sciences. Its aim is to upgrade the existing selection of courses and to introduce new subjects. Focus will also lie on integrating modern technology and teaching aids and on motivating students in the educational process. Another aim is to improve the output of the students’ theses. The project opens an extended range of optional vocational subjects to students at Palacky University in several applied areas (e.g. the creation of tests and questionnaires, methodology, psychophysiology, cyberpsychology, and diagnostics). The knowledge and skills gained improve the future employability of graduates in many areas (medicine, social work, education, sport and recreation etc.). The activities of the project team will also focus on organizing professional training events, deepening inter-faculty cooperation at UP, and uphold active contact with internship institutions.

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