Mgr. Aleš Neusar, Ph.D.

Assistant professor

Member of the department A.N.

Phone +420 585 633 527
Office hours anytime (preferably first by e-mail)
Office number 3.03
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List of publications, presentations and workshops – PDF (06/2015)

Academic interests

Work-life balance. Happiness. Well-being. Psychology of change. Cognitive psychology. PhD existence. Quality of teaching psychology at high schools and universities. Autobiographical memory. Soft-skills. Psychology of survey response. Academic writing. Research methodology. Child bringing issues.

Features publications

  • To trust or not to trust. Interpretations in qualitative research (2014, článek, Human Affairs)
  • Memory for unique events: Predictors of dating accuracy (dissertation, 2012)
  • How do respondents attend to verbal labels in rating scales (2013, článek, Field Methods)
  • Silent Voices: Children’s Quality of Life Concepts (2010, článek, Studia Psychologica)

Featured presentations and workshops:

  • No time for winners? Satisfaction in life, true values and imperfection (2014, lecture, Praha)
  • Can We Use Public Landmarks as Recall Aids in Survey Research? (2011, přednáška, Lausanne)
  • Psychology teaching preparation and experience in Europe (2009, lecture, Oslo)
  • Employability of European Psychology Graduates in Post Bologna Education (2011, lecture, Istanbul)

Short CV

Aleš Neusar (*1978) comes from Bzenec (south Moravia). Education: Master’s degree – general psychology (Faculty of Arts, Palacký University, Olomouc). Thesis: Stroke. My mothers room (advisor Bohumila Baštecká). Ph.D. – general (cognitive) psychology (Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno). Thesis: Memory for unique events. Predictors of dating accuracy (advisor Wander van der Vaart, Vladimír Smékal). Work experience: research IRCYF, Faculty of Social Studies MU, Brno; Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Mannheim; Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Utrecht; lecturer Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Studies MU, Brno; Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University, Olomouc; other  psychological counselling, lecturing, writing (current). Membership: ČMPS, EUROPLAT (European Psychology Learning and Teaching), ESRA (The European Survey Research Association). Languages: English (C2), German (B2), basics of Spanish, Dutch,… Grant projects: Cooperation on many national and international grant projects (e.g., IRCYF, EUROPLAT, “MBA”, IMPULS). New grant projects: I have received a two year grant that focuses on overcomming failure in academic writing. I have also received Excellence project grant (for supporting excellent publications).


Personal webpage


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