More about Department of psychology in new brochure

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More about Department of psychology in new brochure

The staff of the department, with the support of European Structural Funds, founded the Practical Workplace in 2013. It provides opportunities for students and researchers

  • to deepen their practical skills;
  • to carry out applied research directly in the department.

Laboratory is a unique facility of its kind among Czech universities. It ranks among the prominent European research centres thanks to its wide range of technical equipment. This consists of a series of modern diagnostic equipment and methods which can be used in various areas of applied psychology.

  • The binocular eye camera – Eye Frame Mounted Scene, Binocular
  • Traffi c psychology – psychodiagnostic software for the assessment of drivers’ psychological eligibilities – Vienna Test System, Expert System Traffi c
  • Psychophysiology – Biopac, EEG (electroencephalogram), EMG (electromyogram), EDA (Electrodermal activity), ECG (electrocardiogram)
  • Neuropsychology – Neurop-3, EEG biofeedback system, Nexus-10, Touch Neurop, and other neurorehabilitation software
  • Virtual reality – V r200-intro-w 

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